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POP ART WORKSHOP with Trishna Patnaik

There will be an introduction about pop art. Legendary pop artists and their pop art works will be mentioned. Followed by a hands-on session of course! Participants will be guided to make their pop art step by step using simple technique with selected colours. 

We will start by drawing out sketches and then you will be guided to create a pop art portrait (in Andy Warhol style) with acrylic paints on cartridge sheets. Participants will take home one finished artwork A3 size. 

Please note:

For those not great/ not confident with sketching, carbon papers will be provided.

 You can choose any one image out of the 4 options which we will provide for your artwork.

So, what are you waiting for, do sign up for the workshop! 


Take Away:  One Complete Painting (A3 size)

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